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  • El Salvador: El Salvador, C. A. 3a. C. Pte. No. 5224 Col. Escalón
  • PBX: +(503) 2563-6119 ,Cel/Wapp.:+(503)7813-4986
  • Correo: [email protected]
  • Guatemala: Guatemala, 0 calle 4-21 montserrat 2, apto “A” zona 4, mixco Guatemala
  • Cel Wapp: + (502) 5864-4247

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  1. William A. Gonzalez

    09 Sep 2013

    -William A. Gonzalez, Author of Black Bubblegum

    Salvadoran Poet- Short Story writer–

    Available on Amazon.com Barnesandnoble.com

  2. Andy Lopez

    07 Dec 2014

    Hello, Beautiful Peole of Dia a Dia,
    Just to recommend, please get a book that just came out on Amazon, titled, Chupacabra: Predator Ground Zero by RD Merlos, a Salvadoran writer and new sensation in action writing. It is an unprecedented master reading. It deals with the destruction and sudden abandonment of Teotihuacan from central Mexico, and its aftermath. It is a very serious and powerful stuff. Without a doubt, one of the best predator action thrillers ever written in a book or in movies. It is in English. You can order it directly from the publisher, Damnation Books from Santa Rosa California. Please tell all your staff to get it, and hopefully to all your readers as well. Saludos.

  3. MARIA

    04 Feb 2015


  4. Judi Schenkel

    12 Sep 2017


    Discount Your Medical Bills, An Undiscovered Savings!

    PRESS RELEASE: Sept. 12, 2017 3:00 PST

    Scottsdale, AZ, September 12, 2017 (mgrelease) – The world of insurance in today’s marketplace is not only confusing but also costly. Medical bills are sky high. Deductibles are rising.

    When a consumer goes shopping, the word “Discount” is seen everywhere. Grocery stores, shopping malls, auto dealerships and on and on. Why then are medical bills not discounted? Why are patients not negotiating the cost of services before they are performed? Yes, these services can be negotiated before the surgery or a service is performed, etc.

    Medical services are not discounted or negotiated because consumers do not ask. It is a tangled web of information and knowledge that stops the patient/consumer from pursuing discounts and/or negotiating. It is not as easy as going into the retail store and seeing discounts on store signs. The question to ask is, what are obstacles in the medical world that hinders a patient/consumer to ask for a discount or negotiate the cost?

    Obstacles such as, not understanding medical codes on a bill, not knowing who to ask for discounts at the doctor’s office, hospital or medical facility. Simply not asking because of the fear the medical facility may not want to admit the patient again. Yes, that is a real fear patients/consumers have. One of the biggest drawbacks is the time it takes to negotiate the bill or not possessing the art of the negotiating experience.

    Patients with “out of pocket” medical expenses (not covered by the insurance) have to face the reality the bills must be paid. There are articles written consistently about high medical bills and the deductible costs, the anxiety of being turned over to medical bill collection companies, filing bankruptcy, etc. can all be devastating.

    A key element of the negotiating process is to secure a settlement agreement to the new negotiated amount, which is an essential piece of the process. The question asked is, why would you want to obtain a settlement agreement? Very simply answered, what happens if a doctor or facilities accounts are audited by a new staff member or new accounting service and the patient’s account shows the original bill amount with the money already paid by the patient/consumer. The new staff or accounting service has no paper trail of a negotiated or agreed upon discount found with the provider. A new bill for the balance could then be received by the patient/consumer. This scenario does happen.

    Negotiating medical bills can produce a dramatic savings. Patients/consumers should not think for a moment negotiating the bill or even a procedure cannot be accomplished. Medical bills such as lab tests, specialized testing, even physician services can be extremely expensive and not covered by the insurance company. A variety of medical cost and services could arise for an individual or family such as long hospital stays, cancer treatments, drug and medical rehab facilities, eating disorder facilities and much more may not be covered by the insurance company.

    “When the patient/consumer receives medical bills “out of network”, not covered by insurance, there is help who understands the system” says, Ron Friedman, CEO Medgotiate®.

    Friedman continued, “patients/consumers and self insured companies are happy when a negotiated amount is reached by professional medical negotiators and up to 75% is saved, not to mention with a settlement agreement”.

    There is no cost up front to the patient/consumer to have http://www.medgotiate.com negotiate”.

    Why spend time, why waste money, there is help!

    Contact: Judi Schenkel
    Toll-Free: 844-369-9789
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: http://www.medgotiate.com

    Source: Medgotiate® LLC

    • Redacción Día a Día

      12 Sep 2017

      Good afternoon

      Thank you for sharing this information, we will send it to our editorial team, you can send press releases to [email protected]

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